Our Vision

Here at the Wilford Village Garage Store we are committed to working with like-minded suppliers that share our vision on sustainability.

We all need to be mindful and do our bit to minimise the damage to our planet by considering where our products have come from. 

We always endeavor to reuse as much as we can before we dispose of items. We use brown recycled/recyclable paper/card in our packaging where at all possible. It may be that we have some plastic bubble wrap in our possession that we will use, in an attempt to 'reuse'. We will also sometimes reuse boxes that are still in good condition to send our goods in, We hope you're ok with this :) 

There are very occasional times that it just isn't viable to produce a product that is totally made in the UK, for example the tote bags are responsibly sourced in India and are made of unbleached cotton. They are printed in England though which we believe is still supporting our 'Made in the UK' promise.

In saying that, most of the products featured on the website are entirely made in the UK.  You are supporting a UK business when you buy any product from this store. 

If you would like any details regarding the products on this site and their sustainability, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Please note: During the pandemic we made the decision to offer the cards with a cello wrap for hygiene purposes. Now, we have the pop up, with the garage doors constantly open, so we will continue to sell our cards in a cello wrap to keep them dust free. Most of the wraps are compostable. In the meantime, please let us know if you would prefer them without  the clear wrapping.

Happy shopping from all at WVGS!